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No one ever thinks that Artificial Intelligence can replace the most creative jobs. But it’s happening now. As more and more advancements are being released every day, designers, coders, and writers are merging their creativity with it. Meanwhile, only generating random outcomes is not the goal at all. Instead, it would help if you learned the art of giving a stunning prompt as a UI/UX designer.

Once these ChatGpt Prompts are given, you can expect a fantastic design. However, ensure there is no fluff in the Prompt because any C missing from the communication process results in a decline in productivity.

ChatGpt Free Vs. Paid

Many of us need help when starting comparisons among both versions. Stay clear. As for now, the Free version is excellent for testifying things such as brainstorming ideas and planning. 

In contrast, the paid version can be your ideal partner if you seek more creativity and no replication.

Does AI eat all jobs?

It may sound scary to completely replace the job market with AI tools. But in reality, AI gives more opportunities than ever in human history.

The logic is straightforward. To train AI, we need human interventions; to consume it, we need humans, and to improve it again, we need humans. Then why is it possible that AI will eliminate jobs when it all depends upon humankind

Clear on it?

Top 7 ChatGpt Prompts for UI/UX Designer

Let’s uncover the actual prompts to use in ChatGpt Prompts for UI UX designer.

Note: These prompts provide an example; one can change it according to the scenario.

  1. Inspiration Prompts

There is much need for inspiration or an initial idea when starting. How the designs look, the colour theme and so on. Yet, an excellent way is to keep in touch with current trends. It can serve as a foundational basis and ensures your design feels contemporary.

Prompt Examples:

  • Please provide me with three innovative UI design trends for this year.
  • Give me up-to-date design ideas to use for the app.
  1. Competitive Analysis

It’s always good to know what the competition offers. With this prompt, not only do you get an analysis but also some advanced recommendations. You can easily make a survey form content or quick questions to send during the beta testing phase.

Here’s what this Prompt looks like:

  • List five top features of [Competitor’s App] and suggest how I can improve upon them.
  • Ask users what problems they face whenever they open the app.
  1. Colour Theory Guidance

Without a perfect combo of colours, an app looks like an old-style childish game. Since colour plays a vital role in changing the user’s mood, a wrong theme can ruin all the efforts, like a bucket with a hole to drain gallons of water within seconds.

See the following example:

  • Suggest a colour palette for a meditation app.
  • What should be the colour theme for a meditation app?
  1. Typography Consultation

Done with colours?

Since typography affects readability and bounce rate, it’s time to pick the right font that best fits the target audience.

A creative font family is best for fashion-related apps. While for B2B or B2C apps, fonts should look clean and professional.

Here’s a Sample Prompt for Reference:

  • ChatGpt gives me a font that balances being friendly and professional.
  • Provide me with a classic font that engages users with clean typography.
  • Recommend three readable and trendy fonts for a news website.

These are just for reference; see the chat below and determine the type or style you seek specifically.

StyleFontCharacteristicsIdeal For
Clean and MinimalisticRobotoClean, modern, highly readableVarious app types
Elegant and SophisticatedPlayfair DisplayElegant, upscale, suitable for luxury brandsLuxury or fashion-related apps
Friendly and ApproachableLatoFriendly, versatile, casualApps with an approachable vibe
Bold and ImpactfulMontserratBold, attention-grabbingApps making a strong statement
High-Tech and FuturisticExoFuturistic, geometricTech-oriented or cutting-edge apps
Handwritten and PersonalPacificoPlayful, handwritten, personalApps with a personal touch
Vintage and NostalgicCinzelVintage, classic, retroRetro or nostalgic-themed apps
Modern and GeometricQuicksandGeometric, sleekA modern and streamlined look
Youthful and EnergeticFredoka OneEnergetic, playfulApps targeting a younger audience
Professional and CorporateOpen SansProfessional, cleanBusiness or corporate apps
  1. Iconography Suggestions

Do you remember Uber or Lyft’s tagline? Struggling to recall it. Don’t put pressure on your mind. Everyone is in the same situation. As humans, we better memorize visuals versus text.

Now think about Apple; what’s coming to mind first, Apple fruit or the Logo of the iPhone? I can bet it’s the Logo running in the mind, not the fruit.

Well, to stand out in your brand in the age of distraction, a creative logo is a must.

Prompt Showcase the example below:

  • Describe five modern icon design principles.
  • Create a minimalist logo for EcoEssence, a sustainable lifestyle brand. It should reflect eco-friendly values, growth, and balance.
  1. Usability Testing Questions

Constant feedback keeps the users intact to get accurate updates. The team can use it to enhance outcomes and remove errors and bugs.

Those who are looking to extract data can use these prompts for the feedback survey:

  • List ten questions for usability testing of an e-commerce website.
  • What are the questions a user should be addressed for using an app?
  1. Technical Documentation

Users need to figure out where to start at the initial stage. Technical documentation helps a lot to make this process much more manageable. But the issue is writing it from scratch is a tricky task. Therefore, these ChatGpt Prompts can save time and make it within seconds.

Here’s what its presentation seems like:

  • Draft a concise guide for a navigation menu component, covering its layout, look, and actions. Detail the hierarchy, items, design choices, hover effects, and critical guidelines.

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Last Words

All in all, the sea of prompts is deep as the Titanic’s wreck ground. Yet, you need the right one for incorporating ChatGPT Prompts into the UI/UX design flow. It can also play a role bridge between creativity and functionality. These prompts only serve as a starting point; the actual game starts when it comes to implementation. Therefore, we recommend it to leave on UI / UX Design Services so we manage it with our creative team of UI UX Designers.

You just sit on a couch with peace of mind as we build apps from scratch for new brands. We hope this article is valuable and adds more insights to the existing knowledge base.

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