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Want to Know how we’ll hit your targets with influencer marketing? Detral has been assisting brands in collaborating with influencers and reaching out to new audiences for a long. It can be the best tactic for growing your clientele, improving customer retention, and raising brand awareness. Influencer marketing is synonymous with performance marketing. So, never let anyone mislead you. Our influencer marketing platform let you start your journey to make your business succeed.

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We deal with both Micro and Nano Influencers as these people share the same needs. Also, they had budget requirements like their influencers so they connect well. They charge less as compared to celebrities with a large fan following and provide you with a brilliant online experience. 

Partner with Detral, the data-driven influencer marketing hub, and unlock the benefits of a centralized platform for maximizing your brand’s reach. Our expert team will handle the entire process, from finding the right influencers to running effective campaigns. Experience the power of custom, performance-driven strategies tailored specifically for your business. Get started today and elevate your brand’s impact in the digital landscape.

Audience Research

We invest the time to research your audience, which helps us discover their favorite social media platforms and influencers. Get an influencer partnership for your business, which can have a huge impact on your marketing goals.

Influencer Research

We go beyond just researching your audience, though. Our dedicated outreach specialists also do data-driven influencer research to find the most powerful influencers for your business.

Dedicated Outreach

Our influencer marketers provide your brand with a dedicated outreach specialist based on your business, industry, and target market.

Transparent Reporting

With our dedicated outreach specialist, you can see the performance of your marketing campaign in a digestible format, shareable with your team and company decision-makers.

Win The Hearts & Minds Of Your Audience With Influencers!

Looking to win over your audience and boost your brand’s reach? Our influencer marketing platform can help you do just that! Let us help you win the hearts & minds of your target audience with our tried-and-true influencer marketing strategies.

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Our influencer marketing services are the only thing you need. With the power of famous social media influencers, we can assist you reach your target demographic and leave a lasting impression. Let our industry-leading experts connect you with credible influencers to promote your business and engage your target market.

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More Efforts Your Influencers Make, the Greater the Impact You Witness!

By providing strategic assistance, campaign planning, and performance tracking, our team of influencer marketers can help elevate your influencers’ efforts for better impact. Working with us allows you to reach a larger audience and increase brand engagement. So why wait? Let us take your brand’s influence to new heights of success you deserve.

Market Your Brand & Its Products:

Our team of knowledgeable influence marketers assists you in making connections with the right influencers to market your products and grow your business.

Growing & Scaling-Up Businesses:

Ready to scale up your business? Let our influencer marketers lead the way and propel your business to new heights of success.

Productive Marketing Campaigns on Social Platforms:

Stand out from your market rivals & build a strong online presence with our result-driven influencer marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

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Influencer Marketing Service - FAQs

Looking to learn more about Influencer Marketing services? Browse our FAQ:

Influencer marketing has a number of benefits including the ability to increase sales of your brand.  Influencer marketing helps in the creation of user-generated content and also boosts the brand's visibility. It can also be used as a tool for customer feedback to determine whether or not a specific product, app, or service is well-liked by users.

Every type of business, including those in the fashion, food, and beverage, apps, retail, events, and health & wellness industries, can benefit from influencer marketing services. Some online businesses find influencer marketing their core marketing channel, while others utilize it as an additional marketing channel.

Even the B2B sector is now catching up and seeing the worth of using influencer marketing to connect with the target audience, regardless of industry. A few businesses that are especially proficient at using word-of-mouth marketing are SAP, American Express, and TopRank. 


Influencer marketing is a tactic that any sort of business, large or small, can adopt. The cost of your campaign varies based on the type of influencer with whom you want to work. You may increase engagement and loyalty for your product at a lower cost by partnering with Detral's influencer marketers. Some may even promote branded content in exchange for rewards, free offerings, or event invitations. 

Absolutely. Some businesses prefer to integrate influencers completely into their marketing plans. Whereas, the majority still combine conventional techniques with content from social media creators. As influencers and more conventional marketing channels are compatible, there is no need to stick with them.

Influencer marketing campaigns and talent management are the main sources of income for influencer marketing firms. An influencer marketing agency often charges a monthly management fee for carrying out all of the brand's influencer marketing campaigns. Else, it charges a percentage fee on influencers for a particular campaign.