The Expert’s Guide To Google Penalty Removal In 2023?

Google penalizing your website or content can be one of the worst nightmares, as it can cause a deep crisis. When your money is at stake you must know every little detail to avoid getting penalized or know how to do Google Penalty Removal

You can rest assured that we have you covered with our latest blog post, so there’s no need to worry. Digital marketing is not a piece of cake but with the right kind of directions; one can easily master the art. Here is a quick guide to Google penalty removal that will come in handy if you get in any bad situation.

Why Do I See A Penalty On My Website?

This is one of the biggest questions that might be popping up in your mind as soon as you start reading this post. So, we are here to tell you why.

This is how the famous search engine Google works. There is a set of rules and regulations that you must follow. Before

getting into the business of digital marketing you must know in detail about these rules.

If you violate Google’s rules or fail to follow their policies, you are likely to be penalized by the search engine. You cannot get rid of a penalty if you don’t know what it is exactly you did wrong on your website.

Types Of Google Penalties

Now that you know one of the possible reasons for getting a penalty from Google, let’s move on to the types of Google penalties in detail. In order to solve the penalties you must know the problem that is occurring so you can avoid it in the future. There are two kinds of Google penalties that you just know about and these are:

  • Manual Penalty
  • Algorithmic Penalty

Manual Penalty

A manual penalty is when someone from Google looks at your website and identifies something that goes against their policy; hatred towards gender, race, color, etc. the manual penalty is very rigid because it can cause permanent plenty removal of your website from the Search Engine Optimization results.

If there is any indication that your website is spammy or potentially harmful, Google will decrease its ranking regardless of its previous position in search results.  

Algorithmic Penalty

As the name suggests, an algorithmic penalty is caused by a change in the algorithm. If you are unaware of recent algorithm changes and your website is still working on the previous algorithm framework, you are likely to face a penalty.

It doesn’t necessarily have minor penalties as sometimes you can have a major algorithmic penalty on your website.

How To Identify Manual Penalty?

To identify a manual penalty, simply follow the process listed below:

1.       Go to Google Search Console

2.       Select “Security And Manual Actions”

3.       Go to Manual Actions

If action was taken against your website for issues such as spam, unnatural linking, hacking, etc., you will be able to see what was wrong with your website.

If you don’t know how to avoid these then look at the action notification that might guide you with helpful sources.

The list is as follows:

  • Spam
  •  Thin Content
  • Unnatural links
  • Impact links
  • Hacked website

If you are unable to find useful information here, it may indicate that your website was affected by an algorithmic penalty, as discussed previously.

How To Identify Algorithmic Penalty?

It gets impossible to know what is wrong with the website’s ranking without getting any message from the Google Search Console. But, you can look at the different reports about the updating and adjustments of the new algorithm to know what is wrong with your website.

You must take a look at the Google Analytics search traffic meteors and the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for the last thirty days to know in detail what is wrong at the algorithmic end.

Notice the change that occurred these days. Maybe a drop in the organic flow of traffic? Pinpoint the days when the organic flow was disrupted, as this may indicate a disturbance caused by the Google algorithm.

Now, what is the next step you must be thinking of? Well, here we are with the answer to this question.

penalty Removal

To see the different algorithm changes recently made by Google, go to the Google Search Engine and review the updates. To find out about new changes added to the Google algorithm, simply search for “Google Update (Month’s name)” and click on the article or update to read more..

Another way to get a clear idea as to why the rankings have dropped is by looking at the SEO reports. These news reports will tell you in detail what actually happened that caused the traffic flow to decrease and became the reason for your dropped ranking.

Sometimes, SEO news reports provide brief information about changes made on the target website or the unnatural links added to your website, allowing you to understand why your website received an algorithmic penalty.

Get An Expert On Board

Now that you know what kind of penalties you can get it is important to know how you are going to be recovering the penalty? There is one simple way. If it was a manual penalty, you get the option of submitting a request for review and maybe it can solve the problem.

Penalty Removal

But if it doesn’t then you must gather your team and discuss your plan. Your thin content, unnatural links, spamming, hacking, etc. everything needs to be sorted out so you can recover the penalty.

You need an expert to help you remove the penalty and where do get professionals and experts other than at Detral?

Contact us for digital marketing problems and we will be there to help you efficiently.

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