How To Take Perfect Product Photos With Your Smartphone (2023)

You can be a great photographer, and you don’t even need a professional lens. Here’s how you can do it. You must know about perfect product photos with your smartphone.

It’s 2023, and if you still think that you need a high-quality lens for your product pictures, then you are probably stuck in the stone age. People these days start their small businesses with a few resources, and if you are one to do the same, you must know about perfect product photos with your smartphone.

However, not every business does its product shoot with its camera. If you can afford the budget and want your product photos to be like that of Dior, you must look for digital marketing services. With this simple guide, you can learn to take professional-looking product photos with your smartphone, perfect for showcasing your products on your website or social media platforms.

Ever since the lockdown, people started looking for different ways to earn, and most of them turned to small businesses. If you are going for an online business startup but cannot afford to have any digital marketing agency, Easily take professional-looking product photos with your smartphone using these tips and tricks:

  • Decide On A Good Quality Camera
  • Focus On Lighting
  • Go For A Clean Background
  • Discover Your Camera’s Features
  • Pick A Tripod
  • Try Different Angles
  • Use Different Props
  • Try To Tell A Story
  • Edit Your Images

Decide On A Good Quality Camera

The first step is to always look for a good-quality camera. If you have an iPhone, that is the best, but it’s not a compulsion since we have some high-quality cameras in companies like Samsung, etc.

Compare the prices of a professional shoot and a high-quality camera and see which is more affordable. You must remember that professional shoots will drain you because it’s not a one-time investment. However, buying a good phone is a one-time thing.

Focus On Lighting

See where you will get the best lighting and shoot your products there. If it’s outdoors, you just keep an eye on the sun, so the shadow falls behind and not on the front. You can take expert advice to see which lighting angle works best.

Go For A Clean Background

It is always the best idea to go for a clean background because it keeps the focus o the product. If you click pictures with things in the background, there’s a high chance that people might not consider you a professional brand and thus do not purchase anything from you. 

Discover Your Camera’s Features

Almost all the cameras come with an auto-focus, but every camera has a different feature. After you have bought your phone, you must now look at the different features the camera has to offer. Play with them and see which option clicks the best pictures.

Pick A Tripod

You don’t need to go for an expensive tripod. Instead, you can use some affordable tripods that can be set on a table and take pictures from there. There are many options with different tripod prices, and you can pick the one that fits you best.

Try Different Angles

Content Creation is not as easy as we think, and if you are the photographer yourself, you just know about certain angles.

Look for different angles and explore which angle shows your product at its best. Just like humans, these products need good angles, so you must look at different shoots and see what angles they are using.

Use Different Props

Using props is always a good idea to get more reach. People like to see cutesy pictures on their social media feeds; if you add a few props, you can always reach more audiences. This is how you will generate organic traffic to your website.

Have you ever seen someone adding a picture of their book online? They never use a book alone rather they use different props. Most people go for dried flowers while some prefer to have a cup of tea or coffee next to it. We have seen people adding their sharpies and annotated notes to give an aesthetically pleasing look.

This is how you can get more traffic on your website and make online store management easier.

Try To Tell A Story

We know it always goes as actions speak louder than words but do you know your images can speak louder than you? Yeah, you can pick this technique as every other famous brand and narrate a story through your images.

The best way to showcase your brand products is by telling a story with the shoot. Most people use a name for their different shoots and use a story to tell. For instance, if you are an apparel brand, you can choose an ancient location for your upcoming winter collection, and through your images, you can tell a story no one has ever told. 

Product Photos With Your Smartphone

Edit Your Images

The final step is to edit your images. Remember, no matter how high quality you have; you must always add a touchup to your photos for them to look more professionally shot. There are many free and paid platforms where you can edit your images. The two best platforms we recommend are Canva and PicsArt. You can get their free trials or pay for their enhanced tools.

Where To Find A Good Digital Marketing Agency?

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